Welcome to GrowthHero!

I'm Juliana Rogers, the GrowthHero digital marketing editor who started this platform in 2023.

You're probably wondering why our logo has a lion and our name is GrowthHero.

About Me

As a kid, I loved watching Narnia and the Lion; Aslan was my favorite character. Aslan was wise and authoritative and, in my eyes, a hero.

That's where my love for storytelling started, and this was my inspiration behind GrowthHero.

From scribbling stories as a kid to majoring in Journalism and finally diving headfirst into the digital world, my journey has been a roller-coaster ride. I've worn many hats - from a content creator to a social media strategist, and now, your friendly digital marketing guide.

The quote below is one of my favorites, and now I'm old enough to start my fairytale.

One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.

Our Mission

Using Aslan as my inspiration is exactly how I see this digital marketing platform. We aim to share wisdom and insightful content that can turn into a heroic moment where we can share and learn amazing things from each other.

Not only can we expand our knowledge, but we can help each other to improve our businesses.

Get ready to explore some of the best content, and maybe we might meet online or virtually if you're keen on a collaboration.

All the best,

Juliana Rogers 🙋‍♀️