When you think of office pranks, you probably can't help but think of Jim's mastermind pranks he pulled on Dwight from the hit series The Office.

The office can often be stressful and monotonous, with employees feeling burnt out and lacking motivation. However, incorporating some harmless pranks can alleviate tension and promote harmony among coworkers.

This article will explore office pranks and how to pull off a successful prank at work. From simple and harmless pranks to creative and elaborate ones.

Get ready to unleash your naughty side and discover the skill of office pranks!

  • What Is An Office Prank?
  • 6 Simple Pranks To Get Started
  • 3 Funny Office Pranks With Family Photos
  • 5 Fun Elements To Add To Office Pranks
  • That's A Wrap!
  • What Is An Office Prank?

    Office day pranks are a fun and lighthearted way to insinuate humor and excitement into the workplace. These funny pranks involve playing tricks or jokes on unsuspecting coworkers to create laughter and build a sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

    Whether a simple prank involving plastic wrap on a desk drawer or a more elaborate prank requiring photo editing skills and props, office pranks can bring fun to the daily routine.

    From funny office pranks like rearranging family photos to more hilarious ones like filling a coworker's desk space with packing peanuts, there are endless possibilities for creating laughter and light-heartedness in the office environment.

    Benefits Of Pranking In The Office

    Pranking in the office may seem lighthearted and playful, but it has, believe it or not, numerous benefits that can positively impact the workplace.

    One of the key advantages of office pranks is that they can significantly boost employee morale. A well-executed prank can bring laughter and joy to the office, creating a more positive and enjoyable work environment.

    In addition to boosting morale, office pranks can improve teamwork and promote a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Collaboration, communication, and trust are required when colleagues come together to plan and execute a prank. This teamwork not only strengthens relationships but also enhances the overall dynamics of the workplace.

    Moreover, pranks in the office can increase motivation and creativity among employees. Pranks can ignite creativity in individuals by injecting fun and playfulness into their daily routines.

    This creative mindset can then carry over into their work, leading to innovative ideas and solutions.

    Furthermore, office pranks promote employee engagement. Employees engaged and connected to their workplace are more likely to be productive and committed. Pranks can create a fun and inclusive environment that encourages employees to be fully present and engaged in their tasks.

    6 Simple Pranks To Get Started

    Simple pranks are perfect for getting started, as they are easy to execute and unlikely to cause harm or distress. These pranks can help promote a lighthearted atmosphere, improve team bonding, and create a positive work culture.

    Desk Drawer Surprise: One classic and simple prank involves adding a surprise element to a coworker's desk drawer. You can place a harmless object inside their drawer, like a toy spider or a rubber snake. They'll be in for a playful scare as they open it, giving everyone a good laugh. Make sure your coworker has a sense of humor and will enjoy the harmless prank.

    Saran Wrap Over the Desk: Another quick and easy prank involves covering a coworker's desk with saran wrap. Simply unroll a large sheet of saran wrap over their workspace, ensuring it's tightly secured. When they arrive and try to sit down or start working, they'll be met with a funny surprise. Just be mindful not to obstruct any important documents or equipment.

    Fake Sticky Note Reminder: An effective yet harmless prank is to leave a fake sticky note reminder on a coworker's computer or desk. Write a humorous or absurd reminder, such as "Don't forget to walk the office fish" or "Meeting with the unicorn committee at 2 p.m." When your coworker notices the note, they'll undoubtedly be puzzled, providing plenty of amusement for everyone involved.

    Disappearing Desk Items: A simple prank that creates some harmless confusion is to hide a coworker's commonly used desk items. This could include their stapler, pen, or coffee mug. Make sure to hide these objects in a location that is challenging to find but not too difficult. It will spark some friendly banter and encourage your coworker to become more observant.

    Remember, the aim is to have fun, promote a positive work environment, and strengthen relationships among coworkers. Always consider the feelings and personalities of your colleagues before implementing any pranks, ensuring they will be well-received and enjoyed by all.

    1. Desk Drawer Surprise

    To create a surprise prank, you'll need a horrifying image and access to your coworker's desk drawer when they're not around. This prank is designed to startle and surprise your unsuspecting coworker, so make sure they have a good sense of humor and will enjoy a scare.

    Find a horrifying image. This could be a spooky face, a creepy character, or something else that will elicit a startled reaction. You can find many printable images online or use your photo editing skills to create your own.

    Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash

    Carefully print out the horrifying image. Be sure to adjust the size to fit perfectly in the desk drawer without being obvious. When your coworker is away from their desk, place the printed horrifying image inside their desk drawer, preferably so that it will be the first thing they see when they open it.

    When your coworker returns to their desk and opens the drawer, they'll be in for a fright! The startling image will elicit a surprised reaction and provide plenty of entertainment for everyone.

    Remember, though, to always consider your coworker's feelings and ensure that they will find this prank funny. Pranks should be lighthearted and bring joy to the office, so choose your targets and pranks wisely.

    2. Plastic Wrap Staircase

    This hilarious office prank will leave your coworkers slipping and sliding, all in good fun.

    To execute this prank, you'll need a roll of plastic wrap and access to a staircase in your office. Start by tightly wrapping the plastic wrap around each staircase step, covering the entire surface area.

    Be careful to wrap it tightly enough so it is not easily noticeable.

    The idea here is to create a slippery surface that will cause your coworkers to lose footing when using the stairs. They'll be surprised when their first step leads to a hilarious slip-and-slide adventure!

    As the unsuspecting coworker approaches the staircase, they'll be in for quite the surprise. The plastic wrap will make the steps extremely slippery, causing them to slide and struggle to maintain balance. Just be nearby to offer a helping hand and ensure that no one gets hurt.

    Remember, pranks should be harmless and fun for everyone involved. The plastic wrap staircase prank is a classic choice that is sure to bring laughter and a sense of camaraderie to your office. So gather your coworkers, get some plastic wrap, and let the laughter ensue!

    3. Messy Desk Makeover

    Is your coworker notorious for having a messy desk? It's time to give them a surprise makeover that will leave them scratching their head! You can turn their cluttered chaos into a work of art with just a few simple steps.

    • Start by gathering a stack of random copy paper. Carefully place them under their desk, creating a pile that looks like it was accidentally dropped. This will give the illusion of even more disorder.
    • Next, grab some colorful wrapping paper.
    • Roll it out and cover the entire desk, tucking the edges neatly underneath.
    • Choose a fun pattern or color that will make a statement.

    As an extra prank, why not turn their desk around? This way, all the drawers will face away from their chair when they come in. It will take them a moment to realize that their workspace has mysteriously shifted overnight.

    Watch as their confusion turns into amusement when they see the chaos beneath their desk and the unexpected makeover on top.

    4. Duct Tape Chair Makeover

    This prank will leave your unsuspecting coworker in disbelief and provide endless laughter for the entire office.

    To start, gather a variety of duct tape in different colors and patterns. The more vibrant and eye-catching, the better. You'll also want to make sure the chair you choose is suitable for this prank.

    Begin by carefully covering the entire chair with duct tape. Ensure to securely attach the tape, ensuring it won't peel off easily. You can get creative with the patterns and designs, making it as funky or outrageous as you like.

    Pay special attention to the seat and backrest of the chair. You can create stripes, polka dots, or even a patchwork design using different colors of duct tape. The most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity run wild.

    Remember, though, that the prank should be harmless and not cause discomfort or harm to your coworker. The duct tape should be securely attached to the chair and not pose any risk of the prankee getting stuck or injured.

    When your coworker sees their transformed chair, they'll have a mixture of confusion, amazement, and amusement. Remember to be considerate and remove the tape after the prank has served its purpose.

    5. Packaging Tape Desktop Covering

    This prank involves using packaging tape to cover the entire surface of your unsuspecting co-worker's desk, creating a sticky and frustrating situation.

    • You only need a roll of packaging tape and a few minutes of free time to execute this prank.
    • Starting from one end of the desk, carefully lay down strips of packing tape, overlapping them slightly to ensure full coverage.
    • Continue this process until the entire surface of the desk is covered in tape.

    Once your co-worker arrives at their desk, they will be greeted with the hilarious sight of a completely covered and sticky work area. Watching them try to navigate through the mess and peel off the tape will surely make you smile.

    6. Caramel Apple On The Keyboard

    The caramel apple prank is considered one of the most effective and amusing office pranks that can be played on an unsuspecting coworker. This prank is ideal for individuals who enjoy sweet treats but do not like raw onions.

    You will require a fresh, raw onion and some hot caramel to carry out this prank.
    • Start by carefully selecting a firm onion that resembles an apple in shape and size.
    • Peel the onion completely, ensuring the outer layer is clean and smooth.
    • Then, dip the onion into a pot of hot caramel, coating it completely. Allow the caramel-coated onion to set and cool on a tray or plate.
    • Once the caramel has hardened, place the fake apple on your coworker's keyboard when they are not around. When they return to their desk and discover the caramel apple, their initial excitement will quickly become confusion and possibly disgust once they realize it is an onion disguised as a sweet treat.
    Photo by Henry Becerra on Unsplash
    Just make sure to have your camera ready to capture their priceless reaction.

    3 Funny Office Pranks With Family Photos

    Among the many types of pranks, those involving family photos can be hilariously unexpected. By incorporating your photo editing skills and creativity, you can easily turn innocent family photos into humorous masterpieces that will leave your coworkers in stitches.

    Whether swapping faces, adding funny captions, or creating outrageous scenarios, funny office pranks with family photos are a lighthearted way to bring joy and laughter to your workplace.

    Swapping Faces: One classic and simple prank is to swap faces in family photos. Copy and paste your coworker's face onto a family member's body using photo editing software or vice versa. The result will make everyone laugh and make it seem like your coworker is part of your family. Just make sure to choose suitable photos that won't cause any offense.

    Adding Funny Captions: Another amusing prank with family photos is to add funny captions. Choose a photo of your coworker's family and add humorous statements or inside jokes that will catch them off guard when they see the edited photo. It's a light-hearted way to create laughter and take their mind off work.

    Creating Outrageous Scenarios: Use your photo editing skills to create outrageous scenarios with family photos for a more elaborate prank. Place your coworker's family members in unexpected situations or locations, like rollercoaster rides or exotic vacations. The surreal and unexpected nature of these photos will surely bring a smile to your coworker's face.

    As long as you maintain a balanced relationship with your coworkers and consider their sensitivities, funny office pranks with family photos can be a memorable and enjoyable way to bond with your team.

    1. Day Of The Dead Photoshoot Lookalike

    This prank involves staging a photo shoot with a doll dressed in vibrant Day of the Dead attire and strategically placing the pictures around your coworker's cubicle for a surprise that will amuse them.

    • To execute this prank, gather a Day of the Dead doll and dress it up with colorful clothes and intricate makeup resembling the traditional Day of the Dead look.
    • Then, stage a mini-photoshoot with the doll, taking various poses and shots to make it look as realistic as possible.
    • Next, print out the photos from the shoot and place them strategically around your coworker's cubicle. You can tape them to their computer monitor, stick them in their desk drawers, or even hang them on their office walls.

    Be prepared for some laughs and perhaps a few startled reactions from your coworkers!

    2. Photo Editing Skills For A Hilarious Result

    One way to create hilarious office pranks is by utilizing your photo editing skills. Using software like Photoshop, you can easily transform ordinary photos into comedic masterpieces.

    One idea is to capture a photo of a sleeping coworker and edit the image to include funny people and items.

    For example, you could add their favorite celebrity crush standing next to them or superimpose silly props like a giant inflatable duck or a disco ball.

    Once you have edited the photos to perfection, it's time to print them out and strategically place them around the office. You can tape them to bulletin boards, hang them in common areas, or even stick them on your coworker's desk when they're not looking.

    Not only will this prank bring a smile to everyone's face, but it will also showcase your impressive photo editing skills. Just be sure to keep the prank light-hearted and considerate. Avoid using any offensive or inappropriate images.

    So grab your photo editing software and prepare to create some laughs in the office. With some creativity and hilarious edits, you'll have your coworkers rolling with laughter in no time.

    3. An Unsuspecting Coworker Becomes A Star In Family Pictures

    Pranking an unsuspecting coworker can be a playful and memorable office experience. One hilarious prank idea is to turn them into a star in the most unlikely places - family pictures.

    • Select a few family photos that can be easily edited. It could be pictures of your family or stock images resembling typical family gatherings. Make sure the pictures are generic and relatable to enhance the comedic effect.
    • Employ your photo editing skills to replace one of the family member's faces with your unsuspecting co-worker's. This can be done using any photo editing tool or app. Ensure the face swap is seamless and well-blended to maximize the prank's effectiveness.
    • Print out the edited pictures using a high-quality printer to execute the prank.
    • Find creative places to display them around the office, such as the break room, bulletin boards, or even the coworker's desk. The unexpected surprise of seeing their face in various family pictures will surely delight and amuse the coworker and everyone who comes across the pictures.
    Remember to avoid using offensive or inappropriate images that may cause discomfort. Instead, focus on creating a funny and memorable moment for your unsuspecting coworker and the office.

    5 Fun Elements To Add To Office Pranks

    When it comes to office pranks, adding fun elements can elevate the level of entertainment and make the prank even more memorable.

    Through clever props, humorous visuals, or playful surprises, adding fun elements to office pranks can turn an ordinary workday into a delightful and unforgettable experience.

    Here are some fun elements you can consider incorporating into your next office prank to bring a smile to everyone's face.

    1. Googly Eyes

    Add a touch of whimsy by sticking googly eyes on various office objects such as computer screens, staplers, or even the coffee maker. This simple act can transform ordinary items into amusing characters.

    2. Animal Choices

    Consider replacing your co-worker's usual desk supplies with colorful and cute animal-themed alternatives. From pencil cups shaped like animals to sticky notes with playful animal prints, this prank will brighten their day.

    3. Ball Pit Desk

    For a more elaborate prank, fill your co-worker's desk space with plastic balls to create a makeshift ball pit. This unexpected surprise will surely add a playful twist to their work routine.

    4. Yellow Food Coloring

    Inject some fun into lunchtime with a harmless food prank. Add a few drops of yellow food coloring to milk or yogurt containers in the office fridge, creating a funny surprise when your co-workers open their lunches.

    5. Fake Birthday Celebration

    Organize a fake birthday celebration for your unsuspecting co-worker. Decorate their desk with balloons, streamers, and a birthday card, complete with a comically exaggerated age. This prank is certain to generate laughter and create a memorable moment in the office.

    That's A Wrap!

    Office pranks have the ability to boost morale and introduce a much-needed dose of humor in the workplace. They create memorable moments and help coworkers bond through shared laughter. However, it's important to exercise sound judgment and choose pranks that are in good taste and will be well-received by all colleagues involved.

    Timing is also crucial when it comes to office pranks. Choosing the right moment when everyone is relaxed and in the mood for fun is essential. Pranks should not interfere with work or cause any negative consequences.

    Numerous simple and funny office pranks can be executed with minimal effort.

    Office pranks create a light-hearted atmosphere, increase camaraderie, and promote a positive work culture. So why not express your creativity and plan a harmless prank that will bring smiles and laughter to your colleagues' faces?

    Office Pranks FAQ's

    Are office pranks appropriate?

    While some pranks can be fun and harmless, ensuring they are appropriate for the workplace is essential. Avoid pranks that could be offensive, harmful, or disruptive to the work environment.

    What are some popular office pranks?

    Some classic office pranks include taping the bottom of a computer mouse, rearranging keyboard keys, or filling a cubicle with balloons. Always ensure the prank is in good spirit and won't harm anyone.

    How can I ensure my prank is well-received?

    Know your audience. Ensure the person you're pranking has a good sense of humor and won't be offended. It's also a good idea to avoid pranks during stressful times or important deadlines.

    Are there any pranks I should avoid?

    Avoid pranks that could cause physical harm, damage to personal or office property, or any that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate. Always prioritize respect and professionalism.

    What should I do if my prank goes wrong?

    If a prank doesn't go as planned or offends someone, apologize immediately. It's essential to take responsibility and ensure the affected person knows it was meant for good fun.